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Puleskolen Online.

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Censored short version of BearCY's Fuck-school.
About the male anal canal, and the female vagina.
Detaild explanation to painless Goddess fucking with G-spot massage.
Explanations to Foreskin versus Circumcision.
The inhibiting Narrow foreskin.
Common photogenic and painful fucking positions in Pornography.
The ample cunted kind - a Norwegian naughty folk tale collected by Asbjørnsen & Moe.
How daily ejaculations may be considered to be unhealthy.



We must never forget that sex is based on a foundation consisting of a complicated emotional life. Without respecting each other's feelings, lusts and limits; we don't achieve any satisfying sex. This document contains mainly techniques that lovers can use and teach themselves and each others in. This to avoid ridiculing each other, hurting themselves on each other through poorly considered (pornography-brain-washed) pain-exercises. In order to achieve mutually both painless and intense pleasure.

This document has got no ambitions in relating to the emotional life that holds a relationship together. Which actually presupposes a mutually safe and pleasurable sex life. This is very important to remember.

If you have got no spouse, partner, lover, or confidential friend(s) that you care for and may exchange sex with. If you've only got casual sex partners, you may hurt yourself. Not only on copying pornography. But also by doing what is written here. Even if this page is written in a sharp protest against the pornography industry, and its one sided idolizing of macho-tough pain suffering.


Censored version of
BearCY's Fuck-school
in mutual, both painless and pleasurable sex – Goddess-fucking

Those that this guidance can be at best help for, is the following types of people:

  1. You're a boy who define yourself as active, because you dislike the pain entailed by getting your intestines tortured by another's hardon. Or you're a girl who dislike getting raped in the same manner.

  2. You're a boy who define yourself as passive, because you dislike that your hardon don't get enough stimuli in order to keep its erection, nor getting an orgasm, while you rape another passive. So that you experience it to be boring to be active.

  3. You have never experienced an anal- or vaginal orgasm, and would like to learn how to do this.

The way I've taught myself to fuck, is the same way that the old Hellene people of ancient times later has get judged by the Christians to teach their children, and especially their sons to do well. Except that the Christians has suppressed and made secret what this fucking is all about, and has replaced it with their own macho-pornographic pain rape; in order to justify their otherwise rather harsh judgment.

Here you'll also see why it's normal with promiscuity among gays, who through the aid of pornography, learn to hurt themselves upon each others, rather than how more easily enjoy each other mutually. The fucking technique described below, is tailor made for people who live in steady relationships with each other. Who can make the time they need in order to use humor and many exercises to try and err, until they finally succeed. That they in other words never becomes wary of each other in the sexual part of the relationship.

It may therefore seem quite obvious why such fucking is not suited for cruising, on a sauna or to one night stands at each other's homes? This is therefore no heretic invitation to unsafe sex with different partners at every time one has sex, and does therefore neither get in conflict with Norwegian Infection- or Health Laws.

The disadvantage of pornographic fucking in films or photos, is that one here uses the whole hardon to be active, and stab a boy's passive ass or a girl's passive cunt at every thrust, so that one unexpectedly happens to spear their lover's intestines. And then the challenge for the one who let themselves get loved or abused in this manner, to practice themselves into enjoying to explore these rather intense pains.

Or by learning how to abuse so termed «party drugs» that is rather destructive on the immunity defense system of the body, like poppers (amyl nitrite is the most destructive of the lot!), amphetamine, heroin, crack, LSD, or cocaine, in order to dilate the blood vessels in the anus and intestines, and paralyze the nerves in them; so that they don't feel the pain whenever they let themselves get raped, until it feels almost nice. But only while on the drugs. Then you might too easily get hooked on these drugs, and will need them every time you have sex, so that you eventually will end up developing AIDS because of it, perhaps? If you use these types of drugs a lot, you'll loose all patience, and be tiresome to be with. You will only fuck an as long and thick hardon as possible, and never more enjoy any hardon that is normal or less, in order to achieve the only then attractive feeling of pain that the poisonous party drugs create in you. Because your ass hurts equally bad to fuck like that whenever you are sober again!

Here's the instructions on how to achieve mutually painless pleasure without AIDS-creating «party drugs»:


If you're actually more interested in learning how to kiss, please click here.


 Puleskolen Online.

The male anal canal and the female vagina

The anal canal's abilities and uses:
Click to get large printable picture!Ikke viljestyrt lukkemuskel

As you seen in the Norwegian drawing above to the right; and look for the English translations in the left hand drawing, the not will controlled closing muscle is drawn into this particular drawing, and placed via the sperm bladder, which in turn neighbours the urine bladder. The outer closing muscle is what we call the sphincter; or the outer will controlled closing muscle. On the inside of the sphincter we have got our anal canal, which is on an average about 15 centimetres long when stretched out. It contains an equal number of sensing nerves as the gland and the reverse side of the foreskin does on the penis.

This extreme sensitivity of the anal canal, makes it perfectly created by God to fuck another man's cockhead into ejaculation with.

A more practical reason to the sensitive skin inside the anal canal, is that whenever the pain provoking able non will controlled closing muscle between the anal canal and the pain provoking able end intestine or rectum; where the stools reside, becomes full of either fart gas or stools, and let out just a little to feel and find out what it is, by the sensitive skin in the anal canal—our other end mouth; if you wish—because it is even more sensitive, can feel what comes out of the rectum. If it is fart gas that just can be let or push out, or if it is stools that we need to go to the loo in order to defecate and thus get ourselves rid of. It is even as sensitive that it can differentiate between stools, fart gas, and diarrhoea!

It does even well with a probing tongue, and can also "suck" a cock head, far better and more efficient than any actual mouth can. And it can do it as well as any vagina; a boy's anal canal, that is what I'm talking about here: And this is what Goddess fucking with G-spot massage is all about.

To get a well lubricated pulsating and ejaculating erected penis all the way inside your pain stimulating able non will controlled closing muscle and -rectum, and let it stay there, empty itself and pulsate off, until it gets limp enough to slip out by itself, is an extremely intimate, comfortable, and pleasurable exercise. And there is no pain involved for anyone. Especially when we just before have been to the loo, and have emptied our bellies for stools first. And then shaven our ass and scrotum with a razor, and taken a shower, and washed our anal canal with a soaped in sharp nail less finger, and washed it thoroughly afterwards, before getting dried and dressed again.

However, at the moment the owner of the erected penis inside the ass starts to thrust his hardon in and out through the pain provoking able non will controlled closing muscle between the fuckable anal canal and the only ejaculatable—or in tantric fucking also pause room—of the rectum, the pain starts building up, and increases for every thrust the owner of the fucking penis makes. This is what we let ourselves get confused by pornography into believing that we need to learn to enjoy, in order to be able to give our fucking partner maximum pleasure.

But if you've gotten yourself psyched down by this, and let your male ass or female cunt get raped by the fucking cock, and therefore don't dare saying anything against it, maybe the easiest thing is just to let it happen, and train yourself into enjoying the pain? Or promise yourself never to let yourself get exposed to any such experience again? This is something that some gay men I've talked with who define themselves to be "only tops", because they've been through the mill, so to speak.

But it is actually possible to enjoy getting a hardon thrusted into your male ass or female cunt when it is done with knowledge and purpose in order to create a rejoiner.

Without rejoining, it may however become extremely boring to fuck. Then the one who owns the male ass or girl's cunt, just open him- or herself up as much as possible, in order to escape the torture of the flashing, thumping pain which suddenly seems impossible to avoid.

This in turn entails that the fucking penis loses all possibilities for stimulus; since neither the muscles of the male rectum, nor the female uterus womb can accomplish this. Then you just keep on stabbing and raping your partner indefinitely; while you uninterestingly throw your glance in any other direction but at the one you believe that you make love with. This because it after a half hour of subconscious torture, may seem tiresome to keep your focus enough to keep your penis erect; if it doesn't get enough stimulus from stabbing the intestines, and just end up with a slack ejaculation after much work—and with our fantasy as an important co-worker—in order to attain our target.

This, however, depends upon our mood and health condition, and varies from person to person, and from moment till moment. There is no correct answer here. I only write in general terms. Use this as a possible base to work out from. Build your own experiences first and foremost: Here you only can read about mine, that you may feel free to pick and choose from, after your own leisure.

The reason to why I write this, is because I'm a person who can endure terrible pains in relation to hardships that I expose myself to outdoors. But pain in relation to sex and pleasure, I fail to understand.


Whenever you click on a picture, it opens up in a new tab or window in full size. You may have to click on it, to get it in full size. It may also be opened in its own window, and placed beside this text, in order to illustrate it.
Click to get large printable picture! Click to get large printable picture!
These illustrations above, I've made in order to show how male and female by God actually are equally created sexually, and also to help illustrate the text below. I've put it together by scanning in two black'n'white drawings from a medical study book, and a photo of my own hardon, with its functionally foreskin pulled all the way back with my right hand (I can't expose someone else's hardon and risk getting sued for the effort?). All this I've added colour and text, in order to best possible explain the text below. If you menu click on the picture, you can open it up in a new window, to set beside this one, and keep by the text, while reading it.

Intestine stabbing rape fucking of pornography entails that your passive receiving partner automatically opens him- or herself up as much as possible; in order to try to cushion the painful blow that your hardon unexpectedly torture him or her with, so that all the friction that your hardon actually needs, both in order to maintain the erection, and to achieve an orgasm, disappears and leave just boring stabbing seen from the cock's point of view, at the cost of intense pain from the point of view of the owner of the raped ass or cunt.

The way of fucking that the old Hellene people taught their kids, was that the hole (the boy's anus or girl's vagina) is active, and the erected penis is quite passive. Because it is only the boy's ass or the girl's cunt that can feel where the hardon must get steered inside, in order to achieve mutual pleasure! This is easiest done in this manner:

The active ones lies on their back, on for example a bed, with their knees on each side of their head, while he or she masturbates their own penis or clitoris erect, so that the G-spot at the inside-end of the boy's penis or at the inside of the girl's pubic bone, gets activated.

The passive one stands astride on his knees, with his naked erected pulsating penis pointing upwards. With only the gland and the reverse side of the foreskin, of the naked, lubricated fucked-hardon through the boy's anus or the girl's cunt lips; while he carefully leans the head of his penis with an even force up against the inside-end of the masturbated penis of the boy or the inside of the pubic bone of the girl.

While the active one is masturbating, he or she use all their muscles in their male anal canal or female vagina to grab hold of the cock head with all the muscles to steer the cock head into the G-spot while they thrusts their body in on the erected fucked penis, so that both the hardons of the boys massages the G-spot of the boy, or the fucked hardon massages the G-spot of the girl.

This entails that the passive fucking cock will feel it as the active one automatically pulls all the muscles in his whole anal canal, or her vagina, in on involuntary cramp massage of the gland and the reverse side of the foreskin of the fucked erected penis.

If the passive one then manages to pull the foreskin of his fucked hardon as far back as it goes (if he's got one), all the time they are fucking, the result then is an exchange of mutual intense pleasure.

In the beginning, it is imperative that the couple aims for making the fucked hardon cum and ejaculate as quickly as possible.

When the passive one feels that the orgasm is closing, he must let go of the foreskin of his erected penis, grab hold of the hips of the active one with both of his hands, and pull them up, while he lies his whole body down on the body of the active, and runs his erected penis as far inside as it goes.

The active one lets go of his masturbated penis or her clitoris, and grabs hold of the buttocks of the passive guy, and pulls the erected pulsating penis as far inside his ass or her cunt as possible, and keeps it there. Also so that the passive can't thrust, and in this manner unexpectedly torture the intestines of the active one. And lets his hardon pulsate off, until it loses its urge to ejaculate; and it hungers for more massage by the boy's anal canal or the girl's vagina instead.

Then he'll get up on his knees again, push the knees of the active one down on each side of that person's head, while he pulls his fuck-penis out until only the gland and the reverse side of his foreskin resides inside the boy's anus or the girl's cunt-lips. He'll pull his foreskin as far back as it goes, while he lean his body carefully against the inside-end of the masturbated penis of the boy or the pubic bone of the girl. While the active masturbates his penis or her clitoris erect, so that they can continue to exchange the intense mutual pleasure.

This procedure is repeated until the active reaches an orgasm. Then the cramp massage of the muscles in the boy's anal canal or the girl's vagina, will hopefully pull the passive fuck-penis into the orgasm, so that they reach a mutual, simultaneous and powerful orgasm.

Again the passive one lets go of his foreskin, pulls up the hips of the active, and runs his pulsating erected penis inside. While the active grabs hold of his buttocks, and pulls his passive cock all the way inside him- or herself. And keeps it there until it gets limp and slips out by itself.

Here loses – in other words – both the length and the thickness of the fucked hardon it's importance completely! Because it is the muslces of the hole (the boy's anal canal and the girl's vagina) that creates the needed friction. That is why it is easy to fuck even the erect penis of a small boy child in this manner. And the child does not have to get raped at all; like the stupid pornography fantasy demands.

Fucking with G-spot massage is completely in opposition to the pornographic intestine stabbing rape, which only ends in an embarrassing fantasy-inspired – however porn-movie-glorified – ejaculation for the fucking erected penis. This is why one in pornographic movies often has to pull out the fucking erected penis, and masturbate it into ejaculation; because ejaculation is not as easily achieved in this manner of fucking. If not, the fucking hardon will only have to torture the intestines of the fucking partner indefinitely.

Porn rape fucking is also tailor made for using a condom. This is because the condom gets the opportunity to slide freely all the time one fucks in this manner, without any friction. While under fucking with G-spot massage, a condom will wrinkle itself, and will by the cramp massage scratch the skin of the hardon, the intestine or the vagina, so that they start to bleed. In boys this is often the cause of hemorrhoids. Neither plastic- or rubber condoms are as smooth or elastic as the skin on the hardon, in the boy's intestine or the girl's vagina. No matter how much silicone lubricant one uses.

This recipe is only a possible goal that can take many exercises over many months or years to reach. Something which again confirms why sex is best shared with the one you love and care about the most.

While fucking with G-spot massage, it is an advantage if one lets the fucked penis ejaculate first in the beginning. If he is not clever and backs out or does what he must in order to interrupt the fucking, his then rather tender spent erected penis will hurt very badly. So therefore it is important not to be too considerate, or wait until also the active has achieved an orgasm; but discontinue the fucking immediately! If one are two boys who fuck together, it is only to switch who is active and who is passive every time, in order to achieve variation and in order to learn more effectively in order to become a good fuck-partner.

When one copies pornography by spearing the fucking hardon all the way out and all the way in through the non-will-controlled closing muscle in the boy, or the mouth of the uterus in the girl, this entails rather enormous pains. In boys these pains gets amplified when it additionally resides stools inside the non-will-controlled closing muscle that gets pushed up into the kidneys.

But when you only thrust the fucked erected penis all the way in once; and lets it stay there, and pulsate off, until it gets limp and slips out by itself, this only entails intimate pleasure for both parties.

The fucking positions that I have tried and erred my way to prefer for fucking with G-spot massage, is:

  1. That the active lies on his or her back, and masturbates him- or herself with his or her legs in the air, while the passive stands astride on his knees; like I have described it above.

  2. Eventually that the passive lies on his side, crosswise the passive, with his fucked hardon in and up against the active's G-spot, while he pulls his foreskin as far back as it goes.

  3. That the passive lies on his back, while the active stands astride on his or her knees with his or her face facing the fucking partner's face, while he or she masturbates him- or herself, while riding the fucked hardon of the passive by thrusting back and forth; not humping up and down; like pornography messes it up to show us.

It is easiest for the passive to pull his foreskin back in position 1 or 2.

It may be liberating to fuck with one who loves you, and who forgives you for all mistakes. Because then it's only to try again next time.

I should maybe also add that when you fuck with G-spot massage together with another boy, and run your fucked hardon all the way inside while you're ejaculating, the sperm that spurts out of your hardon, will prevent any stools that may reside inside the non-will-controlled closing muscle from clinging to your erected penis.

Then it may also be most comfortable for the then tender fucked erected penis, to reside all the way inside the boy's intestine or the girl's uterus, until it gets limp and slips out by itself. If you pull it out too soon, this may entail rather great pains for the then tender ejaculated or spent hardon.

Click to get large printable picture!
The illustration above I've made in order to show how male and female by God are equally created sexually, and to illustrate the text below. I've put it together by scanning in two black'n'white drawings from a medical study book, and a photo of my own hardon, with its functionally foreskin pulled all the way back with my hand (I don't see the point in exposing someone else's?). All this I've added colour and text, in order to best possible explain the text below.
Foreskin versus Circumcision

The G-spot was named after dr. Gräfenberg.

The «official truth» of Wikipedia disputes the location of the female G-spot.

Now there is this to say about fucking with G-spot massage, that it can only be of interest to boys who have got their foreskin intact, and who neither have got a narrow foreskin. As is described by this text, the size of the fucked hardon loses its importance completely. Then it is only that you haven't broken your hardon so it is unable to keep erect or not having a functioning foreskin that is (according to my narrow experience) decisive for if you will succeed with this way of fucking. As it usually takes far longer time for a circumsised hardon to orgasm, than an uncircumsised one with the foreskin pulled all the way back until ejaculation. It may in any case be prudent to see to it that one have defecated stools earlier on the same day and have peed just before one fucks, especially if you're the active fucker on the drawing above; in order to give best possible space and friction for the fucked hardon to make its magic.

A special remark to Jews, Catholics, Muslims, and similarly culturally mutilated people:

If you're a boy, and is encumbered with god fearing parents, who have let themselves get ridiculed, frozen out, bullied, threatened, mobbed, scared, or maybe even knocked up into agreeing to worship «not otherwise trustworthy dogmas», in order to remove your foreskin? If so, then you are sexually mutilated in relation to this way of fucking. Then you've more often than not got insensitive skin—not only on the shaft of your erect penis—but even on the gland and where the reverse side of your foreskin would have been. Then you'll only be liken to a girl, and only suitable to fuck the erected penis of another boy with his sensitive penis intact, in order to massage your own G-spot; like it is described above.

(Disclaimer and request of forgiveness for this possibly insensitive or hurtful text posted in 1997, long before COVID and its trans revolution:

This is extremely individual. Only you can know your feelings and feel what your body can feel, and learn to relate to it in your own pace. This is a subjective perception that no uneducated, and at least equally subjective fool of my caliber can stumble upon hurting your—if so surprisingly tender—feelings. Because that is not something that you or anyone need to let yourselves get seduced to accomplish. I'm only conveying my own subvjective experience with the rather few over shy poor one time affears that I've never had the fortune of meeting again. I lack, therefore the education to make any opinion or say anything useful about how sensitive circumsized versus uncircumsized foreskin that can be pulled all the way back while the cock is erect; without causing the owner any pain, is. Since I myself is encumbered with a foreskin covering only half my gland while small and soft, and almost nothing when the cock is erect, I can only lean on my own experience, which tells me there's a surprisingly substantial difference.

This to explain and ask you to forgive my lame and possibly insensitive accusations or assumptions about circumsized male sex organs in the original text is or can be used for. But for the few it concerns and is a challenge, I cannot omit it.)

If you're circumsized, to masturbate your own penis, you'll have to lubricate – not only your ass – but also your erected penis with a lubricant based on silicone, water or fat. To make it simplest possible to produce a mutual orgasm together with another boy who has kept his sensitivity intact. If you haven't got access to anything beyond your own spit, then that will have to do. If only for short periods of time.

Are you a girl, and have got your clitoris removed by equivalently confidence-tricked parents, then you are also mutilated sexually; and in this manner made unable to experience an orgasm. Girls who are circumcised, will have to be patient enough to wait all the way until their next incarnation, if they want to explore fucking with G-spot massage. In the same manner as boys who have been castrated (have got their testicles removed before they entered puberty), and keep their voices in the realm of sopranos and altos.

Boys who are circumcised, however, can explore fucking with G-spot massage with the help of the hardon of a boy who either has got his sensitivity intact, or maybe even has got his foreskin intact. But not with the help of their own penis; which here only can be used as the girl's clitoris, for masturbation purposes to make it erect enough to activate their G-spot.

Norwegian sexual politicians, claim to be preoccupied to via their law making with violence to prevent religious parents to mutilate their children sexually. A little strange is it then, that the same politicians simultaneously do not tell anyone about anything similar to painless Goddess fucking with G-spot massage; but keep on promoting blatant rape with or without condoms like in pornography! (???)

Here's a link to a so called "suppressed sacred" text, written from the beginning of the first month and ending 40 days and 40 nights later, on the 17th of the second month in the year 2017 B. C.: If you please scroll down into the Content from the second page, down to the top of page 3, please search for the heading: "THE SIXTH TABLET" and there please search for to find and click or tap on the title: "Circumcision—beyond mending narrow foreskins—sacred act or sacrilege?"

Narrow Foreskin (phimosis)

Are you a boy, and have got narrow foreskin?—In medical words phimosis; or a foreskin that you cannot pull back while your penis is erect, without causing yourself extreme pain.—if so, you can get help from a medical clinic to making four incisions in the string below the gland of your penis; so that your foreskin can get pulled all the way back, while your penis is erect without causing you any pain. Then the foreskin is not removed completely; liken to how the Jews, the Catholics or the Muslims choose to disfigure their children. Then you may on the other hand still keep the sensitivity of your gland and the reverse side of your foreskin. But until you've got this operation done, you can only fuck an erect penis of another boy, if you want to experience learning to exchange mutual orgasms by the help of Goddess fucking with G-spot massage.

I myself did let myself get encumbered with a narrow foreskin (the medical term is phimosis), when I grew up, but my mother; who were a compassionate psychiatrist with a sensible distrust in medication, used a white fat cream on it every night, to let it expand enough to only after a few months of treatment and still today cover only half the gland while it's soft. And cover only the reverse side of the foreskin whenever erect, but I still need to pull it back all the way while fucking, to be able to orgasm and ejaculate while getting fucked by an active boy's ass or girl's cunt who knows what they're doing, while using my hardon's cock head for, to both massage their own G-spot towards an orgasm, and by doing that simultaneously massaging the reverse side of my foreskin and my cock head to accomplish the same. Both properly lubricated, of course, otherwise quite impossible to accomplish without awfully bad karma creating suffering, called rape.

Common photogenic and painful fucking positions in Pornography:


Pornographic intestine stabbing raping with or without a condom – like the manipulated photo-illustrations above shows – anyone can do – even those who has got their sexual organs mutilated as children by religious parents. Rape inspired by pornography is too simple, so this you'll be embarrassed if you're not qualified in from birth. However painful for the one who gets his or hers intestines stabbed, and however boring for the one who stab the intestines with his erected penis, and not particularly satisfactory for one who has experienced, and long for the mutual intense pleasure achieved through fucking with G-spot massage:

Click to get large printable picture!

Fucking while performing a G-spot massage demands practice with a lot of funny trials and mistakes; with the aid and help of ample patience and lots of humor, in order to learn to do it properly. Until we can do it without thinking about it, we can still not claim that we master it, as only adequate practise makes perfect.

Especially when we wish to learn how to create mutual or simultaneous orgasms. This may take as long time tp learn to do well, as it takes to learn to cross-country-ski, to bicycle, to drive and park a car, to swim, to ride a horse, to sail, to skate, et cetera. Or as simple; depending on which perspective you choose. But not something that any of us can skip to do enough times wrong until we learn what to do and realising that we need to teach ourselves through a lot of practise how to aim our ass onto the hardon, for example, to aim it against the inside-end of our hardon or inside of our pubic bone, while we wank/masturbate ourselves hard, and how ot get it all the way inside of us during an ejaculation, and how to keep it there for as long a time as possible. Usually is it better to reverse these exersises and learn how to massage the G-spot last. Then how to change its angle to get it all the way inside, comes automatic, and we have finally learned how to properly make love to each other the mutually painless way, and may even teach it to others, if we at a later time should stumble to fall in love with them. Such things are really nice to know, and should be mandatory at some later point in time, when our culture are ready, perhaps?


Is sex dirty?
Only if it's done right.
Woody Allen

You'll find—however uncensored—pictures of the rest of the photogenic painful fucking positions here: GaySexPositionsGuide.


Match fuckers



Everything's either
concave or -vex,
so whatever you dream
will be something with sex.

The human spirit sublimates
the impulses it thwarts;
a healthy sex life mitigates
the lust for other sports.

Men, said the Devil,
are good to their brothers:
they don't want to mend their
own ways, but each other's.

Naïve you are
if you believe
life favors those
who aren't naïve.

Knowing what
thou knowest not
is in a sense


We glibly talk
of nature's laws
but do thing have
a natural cause?

Black earth turned into
yellow crocus
is undiluted

PRAYER to the sun above the clouds:

Sun that givest all things birth,
shine on everything on earth!

If that's too much to demand,
shine at least on this our land.

If even that's too much for thee,
shine at any rate on me.


The road to wisdom? —Well, it's plain,
and simple to express:
Err and err, and err again,
but less and less, and less!

grooks by Kumbel (Piet HEIN 1906—1995)

Den som kun tar spøg som spøg,
og alvor kun alvorligt,
han og hun har fagtisk fattet
begge dele dårligt.
gruk av Kumbel (Piet HEIN 1905—1996)

(English translation of the above Danish grook; without the rhyme:
The one who only perceives a joke to be funny,
and graveness only to be serious,
he and she has actually sensed
both aspects in life quite poorly.)


The ample cunted kind
(From Asbjørnsen and Moe's erotic folktales I; freely retold by BearCY, and then directly translated from Norwegian)

In the real' old days (before we let ourselves get blessed with religions like Christianity to oppress us; split and rule, and monger us into participating in aimless wars that destroy us even more through inherited experience), when people still lived in eternal free peace with each other, it was common that the boys came visiting the girls that they had fallen in love with, and wondered if they wanted to marry. This because they obviously needed to test each other out in bed under her parent's and the elders in her family's discrete supervision. This in order to discover if the youths were adequately sexually compatible with each other, in order to be able to grow up and teach themselves and each other to exchange adequately mutual pleasure through sexual satisfaction throughout their lives. So that they in turn also could gain the adequate surplus they needed, in order to develop all other aspects in their lives in order to fulfil their potentials and be somebody important. And thus learn to live happily together and contribute to the rest of society with their liberal and including dugnad engagements. This was because war was not yet invented, and had yet to develop its grip over us into becoming an attractive distractions of excitement to our youth. Like it unfortunately has developed into being sold as today by various people in what the ones who do it themselves believe that they are political- or monetary powers to be over the rest of us.

Anyhow, one day when the pure young girl had got a visit from her suitor—in the shape of a neighbouring youth who were mutually in love with her—they sat on the bedside in a quiet, disheartening chat. This in order to try to dissolve the depressing atmosphere that her parents and adult portion of her family—listening to them from the beds in the neighbouring chaimber—caused in the two of them.

The suitor had providently enough brought with him a bottle with some sweet drink containing throat burning ethanol inside it; because he was rather timid, and needed the confidence that the inebriation hopefully would give him: This was the first time in his life that he was given the liberty to make physical fucking-love with the girl that he loved the dearest! (And even without any of our fashionably fearful time's even politically fashionable condoms!) He was full of anticipation and lust, and tried feverishly to calm himself down in order to avoid ending up with discovering that he might have something badly done to her that could give her pain, hurt her feelings, or scare her away in some way. For if so she could lose her attraction to him, her interest and attention towards him. The one thing that he both feared and treasured the most about her.

After a while he suddenly discovered that he had to flee outside behind some bush in a hurry, in order to relieve himself; while he left his girlfriend behind, feeling the nervous anticipation it caused, both ways. He even forgot his treasured half full bottle beside her in the bed!

While he was outside and did his business, the girl had herself a couple of somewhat large gulps from the bottle. She wasn't particularly confident, herself; since this was the first time in her life that she were allowed to make love with and fuck with her cunt the treasured hardon of her heart's long desired boyfriend, too! Both horny and unsure of herself at the same time, she of course was!

After the boy had returned, he sat himself down, and resumed the chat. After a while, he eventually picked up his now almost empty bottle and suddenly streched his arm out with the bottle up in full surprise up against the candle light, while he exclaimed recklessly aloud:

«—I presume that someone else has been here before!»

Whereupon he glanced playfully into the eyes of his now obviously far more confident and hornier girlfriend.

Quite abrupt they let themselves get sent into shock, became emotionally disturbed, distracted, and then suddenly they realized that they had lost all of their until then sexual desires for and attractions to each other, because of what the girl's mother—who had been lying and listening to them; which of course was her bound duty as a responsible parent—was howling in at them from one of the beds in the neighbouring chaimber:

«—No, it hasn't; it's just that we are of the ample cunted kind!»


To those of you, who were hugely disappointed by reading this page; because you were looking for regular hard core poppers-addictive (what scientifically old fashioned I perceive to be AIDS-producing) pornography, may feel free to continue on here.

Why daily ejaculations are unhealthy:

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